Anchor Charts

Some teachers in my building think I am a little "trigger happy" when it comes to creating anchor charts. What can I say? I love using them! I've posted several pictures of anchor charts below. Caution! They're not the prettiest posters you've ever seen, but the content is good. Enjoy and feel free to post a comment with your ideas on how to beef up these anchor charts!

We developed our own Mission Statement at the beginning of the year.
We start each day by reciting our pledge together.

Our norms were developed by the students at the beginning of the year.

This chart really seemed to help my students grasp multi-digit multiplication


  1. More!More!More!
    I like what I see and would love to see more of these.... Though currently not teaching, I love getting to see what other teachers post in their rooms and believe 'anchor posters' are a wonderful way to let learners remember information and use as a resource.

    1. Hi there! I definitely plan on posting more anchor charts once school starts back up in August. Stay tuned and glad you stopped by my blog! :) Feel free to follow by e-mail by putting your e-mail address in that little boxy thing up there. lol :)