Bodacious Blogs

There are so many blogs out there with fantastic ideas and information to share that my blog roll "overfloweth"! My blog would be uber-long if I listed every blog I wanted to follow. To remedy this, I'm calling for all bloggers to list their blog on my page. Yes, list your blog and get noticed! This will help me get out there and read your wonderful blog!

Please link your blog in it's appropriate category. Let the linky-ness begin!!


  1. Hey Mr.Bennett you are an amazing teacher.I miss you so much! From one of you old fourth grade student.

  2. By the way Im a girl!!!!I wish the CRAZY coffee man again.Same persom as the first post

  3. I wish to..... sorry my mistake.I am Calee's Firend.Mot Kamyrn nor Maddie