Sunday, June 3, 2012

Show Me Sunday Linky!

My friends at the 3-6 Free Resources have started a great linky party focusing on great instructional websites. You can grab their badge and participate in the fun!

Check out 3-6 Free Resources!!

 I love having my kids blog on this website. It's safe, easy, and KidBlog accounts are completely free. I'm especially excited to use KidBlogs in the fall because MANY of my bloggy friends also use this. I can't wait to get a collaborative project started!!

 This is relatively new to me as one of my new co-workers recently introduced me to this site. Students can go on and play games that reinforce classroom learning. As students complete the activities and games, they earn points for prizes you set up on your class's Scootpad page. It's going to be fun exploring this site with my students in the fall!

 I love ClassDojo as a part of my classroom management. I've blogged on it before, so you can check out my post here.

  FreeRice is a great way to help your students boost their vocabulary. Students are given a word and they guess the meaning. If they get it right, grains of rice are donated to families who do not have enough food to eat. You can also play using math facts, geography, and other subjects!

 This site allows students to create word clouds to provide a fun and unique way to practice spelling, vocabulary, or even a way to discuss theme or characterization in reading. 

There so many more that I could write about, but I'll go ahead and end it here. I want to go read and see what others have put up. :) Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. SO glad I found you this morning. Your site is fantastic. I am super excited about that KidBlog resource. Going to look into that ASAP. Have a great week . . . I'll be back soon (you're on my rotation now)!!

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

    1. Kelley - Yay! I'm so glad to be on your rotation. I'm following your blog as well, so I'm looking forward to learning from you. :) Have fun checking out KidBlogs!

  2. Definitely going to have to look into these websites! I've heard of wordle and definitely going to use it next year!
    Special Teaching in the Middle

    1. Alana - Wordle is a lot of fun! I wish they'd upgrade their functionality a bit, but the kids love to Wordle (yep, they've made a verb out of the word! lol).

      Thanks for following and reading my blog!

  3. I am definitely going to check out Class Do Jo. It sounds like a great site. I am your newest follower and would love for you to check out my blog!
    Third Grade Love

    1. Darleen - thanks for the follow and I'm so glad you stopped by! I am following your blog as well. :) Class Dojo really helped morale and community in my classroom and I love it as a tool. The kids love the layout and the point system that goes with it. Thanks for reading! :)