Friday, February 10, 2012


Dude! (Said in my best surfer's voice) 

Welcome to our totally awesome learning oasis! My name is Josh Bennett and I am a fourth grade teacher from southwest Missouri. I've been teaching for a little over 7 years now; 2 years as a paraeducator in a special education classroom and 5 years as a 4th grade teacher. I LOVE teaching fourth grade and I really don't see myself teaching anything else, but we'll see where this learning journey takes me!

I lovingly call my students the Beach Brains - we have a beach-themed classroom and we have fun in everything we do. I've created this blog because my students have inspired me and I've been inspired by other blogs like Oh' Boy 4th Grade, Fourth Grade Friends, Fabulous in Fourth, and many others. I thought to myself, "Self! You can totally do this!" So, I am! :) My hope is to share lesson ideas, network with other extraordinary educators, and learn from the best out there. My little blog doesn't look like much now, but I'll be sure to add other bells & whistles as we go along.

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From my first year of teaching -
ahhh, the memories! :) 
Mr. B & the Beach Brains

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