Sunday, May 27, 2012

Music in the Classroom Link Up

I ran across a post from Jack of All TradesBeg, Borrow, & Teach! and Special Teaching in Middle about using music and video to help students remember concepts better, so I thought I'd link up because I LOVE using music in the classroom. They each posted some really neat video and music ideas, so go read their blogs when you are finished with mine! ;)

First of all, I love using music simply as background music. There are research-based studies that state music with certain beats per minute actually stimulates thinking and focus. With this in mind, I like to use sites like Pandora or Grooveshark to simply play what I call "thinking music" while students are working. You can search for classical music or (my favorite) Celtic music and create stations on each of these sites.

Now, if you're looking for music/video to actually reinforce instruction,  I love School House Rock. Yeah, I know, it's "old school," but the oldies never die, my friends! Another class-favorite is Teacher & the Rockbots. I've linked up a few videos we've used in class. Enjoy!

We break out the air guitars and rock out to the 50 States song.

This is another fun one the kids enjoy!

An oldie, but a goodie!

Now, it's your turn! Link up and share your favorite learnin' tunes and vids! :) 



  1. Josh,
    Love the school house rock video! I also love playing music during down times too. Our school allowed us this year to let students listen to their ipods in class. I was amazed at the focus the students had and that they would take off their headphones to ask questions. I'm your newest follower!
    Have a Great Memorial Day,
    Special Teaching in the Middle

  2. Great post! School House Rock will never go out of style!

  3. Thanks for linking up Josh!!! I love those teacher and the robot videos!! I had never seen them before. I too love School House Rocks... you're exactly right about them never going out of style!

    Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!!